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Descon is  the leading structural engineering company in the Nordic countries.

Descon is one of Lithuanias foremost engineering practices providing structural engineering. Descon´s staff provides cost-effective solutions that address unique project challenges rather than overdesigns. We look at projects holistically and strive to work with the owner and the design team as a real partner to optimize each project.


We have been pioneers and promoters of BIM use since its early years. We have completed more than a dusin projects with Tekla. We see and practice the value of BIM as a collaborative, learning and visualization tool and a state of mind.

This has lead our company to be one of the leading companies in structural design in the Nordic countries.


DESCON“ suggestion for the customers:

  • 20% profit increase
  • 20% lower construction cost
  • 25% saving construction time
  • 80% less errors 80% less makeover
  • 80% better quality of the project
  • 80% less unexpected construction expenses

Check out our presentation Leaders in Passive House design, BIM experts, public and industrial building structural engineering.
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Big or small - we do them all


All projects benefit from a thoughtful approach, effective process and quality team.
We care about project outcomes and look at projects from all perspectives.


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Big or small - we do them all


Structural Engineering

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Descon is a leader in the field of structural engineering and design. Our engineers collaborate with some of the world’s most respected architectural firms to produce dramatic, technologically advanced and practical designs for new and historic structures. We have a large staff of engineers with expertise in areas ranging from structural system development, to seismic risk evaluation and upgrade, to base isolation.

  • TEKLA modeling
  • BIM modeling
  • Structures design (Precast and In-Situ concrete,steel, timber)
  • Steel detailing and workshop drawings
  • Precast concrete detailing and workshop drawings
  • Structural analysis and design, structures optimization
  • Engineering technical consultations
  • Conseptual Design ( Basic structure sizes & positions, member material, preliminary drawings)
  • Fabrication integration ( Production automation, MIS information transfer, CNC downloads)

Passive house



„Passive House“ – is a dwelling in which a year-round comfortable interior climate and good indoor environmental conditions can be maintained without the use of significant active space heating or cooling systems.

The concept of a Passive House is based on minimising heat losses and maximising heat gains, typically this includes optimising insulation levels with minimal thermal bridges, high thermal performance windows, very low air-leakage through the building, utilisation of passive solar, internal gains and good indoor air quality maintained by a mechanical ventilation system with highly efficient heat recovery.

“Passive House” heating energy demand 15 kWh/(m2). It‘s 6-10 times less then in standard house. „Passive House“ is a conception that includes low cost, high quality, valuable, healthy and long lasting construction.

„Passive House“ concept was created by Germany Passive House Institute and Mindaugas Dagys is one of the passive house design leaders in the Nordic countries.

Passive House design

Passive House sertification

A, A+, A++ buildings design

Energy balance calculation PHPP

Building energy efficient

Passive House construction supervision

Consulting, Energy efficient improvement

Want to make a passive house?


Our clients


Descon has inspired the swedish architechture companies


We do our best in every project we belive in



Descon Team

Our people add value. People at Descon help make projects succeed. We are a diverse group of thinkers, doers, and leaders. We are a listening partner and we look at projects holistically for the best solution to the project, not just the structural components. Our generations of engineers and their expertise bring value to our clients and their projects.



Hello and welcome to Descon.

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BIM Awards 2016

Big achievement for Descon as we are nominated for our Nørdika project

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What is BIM?

What is BIM?

BIM (Building Information Modeling) skaitmeninis pastato modeliavimas – gerai žinomas procesas pasaulio statybų sektoriui, bet Lietuvai – dar naujovė. Didžioji Britanija, Italija, Šveicarija, Vokietija, JAV ir Skandinavijos šalys ne tik sėkmingai naudoja BIM įrankius statybų sektoriuje, bet ir turi konkrečius šio proceso vystymo reglamentus. Nors Lietuvoje tokių dar nėra – pirmieji efektyvesnės, inovatyvesnės ir kokybiškesnės […]

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BIM Awards 2014    

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